Coping with Loss of Loved Ones 


When someone you love passes, it can feel like you have a hole in your heart. Honor how you feel. Know, too, that you never lose them for love never dies, it connects you heart-to-heart across time and dimensions. Love is the eternal bond. Love is forever.

The actual death of a being you love can sometimes be anticipated, but you can never know in advance exactly how you will feel and respond. Even with advance preparation, shock occurs and a kind of disassociation with reality appears as you process the passing. This is not foreign to the mourning phase.

While death is as natural as birth –  It is quite comforting for people to learn more about circumstances of the death and to be able to telepathically communicate beyond the veil to better understand the gifts of the relationship. This helps with letting go and can be validating.

It’s common, even years after a loved one has passed, to feel deep sadness on the anniversary of his or her death. This feeling is something to be honored, for you are honoring both the being and your relationship. Also keep this in mind: other side communications, with your loved one, have no expiration date. Telepathic communication beyond the veil is immortal, timeless, and easily facilitated years or even decades after passing.

Grief over loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences you can have. For your personal spiritual transformation, you will want to honor this stage and work through it as things happen. This advance healing preparation will help you later on and well beyond. Here are a few Mala suggestions for healing the heart from the Let Go Collection by #MalaCollective

Trust mala
Patience mala


Release mala


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The best thing you can do is to honor yourself as you move through your process by practicing self-compassion and tending to your grief in an honest and gentle way.

To Healing,

Kelly Krishna Dunn

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