Labor Day Party Ideas 

Are you Hosting a Labor Day Party? Stay relaxed while you entertain on this last summertime celebration before the busy fall season begins.

Labor Day is about celebrating patriotism and having a theme can help highlight all things American. Here are some great Labor Day party theme ideas:

Whiteout themed party: For those of you who are not aware of the Labor Day white rule, it is this: you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.  Wherever you fall in the “no white after Labor Day” spectrum, a Whiteout party is a great way to poke a little fun at “the rules.” Ask your guests to wear as much white as possible and have fun with this party theme.
Red, White, and Blue party:  Collaborate colors of the flag and ask everyone to wear red, white, and blue. Use the theme in your decorations as well by having American flags, stars, stripes, and the colors (red, white, and blue) displayed throughout the party space.

Cookout Party: Take full advantage of your Labor Day party to serve an abundance of grilled dishes. Some great ideas for your Labor Day party menu include:

Grilled vegetable kabobs

Grilled Peaches

Veggie Burgers /cheese burgers

Coleslaw, Tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers

Mixed fruit salad

Make-your-own ice cream sundaes

Seasonal fresh fruit pies

Make the party a potluck! Use the potluck feature to ask each guest to bring a different drink, side dish, or dessert. If guests want suggestions, ask them to bring items such as refreshing beverages, salads, hummus, vegetables, pasta or potato salad, brownies, and watermelon. This is a time-effective and delicious strategy.

If there will be kids at the party, plan some activities for them. Plan to roast s’mores, set up an arts and crafts table with summer craft ideas like colored sand jars or friendship bracelets.

Finalize you decorations with lighting to create ambiance. Candles, lanterns or tiki torchlights are divine for any outdoor party.

Remember not to worry about the details and to enjoy the last few days of summer!
Summer blessings,

Kelly Krishna 🙂

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