National Whipped Cream Day!

Today on January 5, add a little extra something special to desserts to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day. Add whipped cream! Not only does it add creaminess and bit of pizzaz, it can be the difference between every day or a celebration day beverage or dessert.



This holiday falls on the birthday of Reddi-Wip founder Aaron “Bunny” Lapin. Aaron who invented Reddi-wip in 1948, was born on January 5, 1914, and died on July 10, 1999.

National Whipped Cream Day celebrates whipped cream’s contribution to the dessert world. In the spirit of today,  celebrating the sweet stuff that turns ice cream into a sundae and peaches into peaches and cream. Whipped cream is a real treat topping or not. Enjoy!!

love, k 🙂


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