Allow the Upgrades

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. The more kind and patient you are with yourself, the more gently you will move across these times. You can feel the pressure of change; do not let it ignite you. Let it wash over you in acceptance.

While it feels like we have been letting go to allow the new so much in the past, it feels cliché to even mention it. But truthfully, it was just child’s play practice for what we must do. Nothing old will be the same again, and our minds can race around in fear trying desperately to figure out what this could possibly mean and even enter into pleading negotiations about what it wants to keep. This only defeats us. We can never figure it out. We need only agree, surrender, allow, admit, trust, release, and so on into the light. The most powerful mantra is: I now release all that no longer serves me and am open to receive all that nourishes, and is in harmonic alignment with, my Soul’s purpose. Out with the old, in with the new. Upgrade complete!

love, k<3

2 thoughts on “Allow the Upgrades

  1. EVERY…Single..😕Time…!!! Seriously 😒.. Trippy Stuff here, 10:44, 1:44, 11:44…. are my Latest of clock check # Syncranocitys,.. So But in my comments here in past.. it’d be recognized, by my also commenting FIRST, how the Posts of Intuitive Magazine: Krishna😊💕 is Very on Target, (and smthing SIGNIFICANT itd need to be said before i would even Think to say so.. cause otherwise,.. well.. A Nah uhh!😜) But the reason i mentioned my New syncranocity clock check number,. Is because Second: its basically the THIRD time in a Row, when reading your posts, that the clocks been bang on, with for the triple, quadruple time clock number sequences etc😃. Just love’n it! It REALLY REALLY IS Out There,. Syncranocitys,. More an more even,. iv been noticing for well over a year or so… but, 3 times in Row😊!!? Wow Cool Right!? lol Just gives that EXTRA, UMPH! (Love Knock, to the solar plexus😘❤. So..
    Alright, alright😌.. Thanx Krishna, Intuitive M. “A Full Round of Blessings to Everyone, they’re are on Me!” (and….for Forever😆!) “Love You. Blessings All” CW.

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