August 2018 Energies

June, July and August Energies are entwined in a deepening of connection. Connection is just another word for family. From the Earth Family of June, to the Universal Family of July—we meet in the middle of the Heart Family in August. What a fabulous reunion!

In essence, these months have been about strengthening and clarifying the Merkaba; our spiraling, spinning vehicle essence of Light, shown as two opposite triangles, yet that is the simple geometric version.

These months are shifting us into more alignment with the universal laws of the subtle realm. One of those important universal laws is Time. When you embody your presence, the circular nature of Time becomes whole within you. The strength and wisdom of the past meet the potential of the future in you. Now.

We are being tasked to embody a deeper level of connection. Finding the inner courage to forgive, to take a creative risk, to connect more deeply and allow your unique and sacred Light to Love in a new way.

August brings us a beautiful energetic on 8/11 as the Leo energy eclipses what has been released in July. It has a feeling of celebration to me. Celebration is an interesting one. It is a choice and it is internal. It isn’t always a clear path of celebration, it often marks a point of change, like a wedding or a graduation. While those are moments to be celebrated, they also have a bittersweet letting go that accompanies any new path.

The energy of August is supporting us to connect opposites into a powerful weaving of new potential. You are the catalyst for that new potential, Light-worker. It takes courage to let your sacred Light shine, but you are so worth it!  Roar your beautiful Love into the world, even in your silent gaze! Weave your Light of Love with the past and future in your powerful now.

love, k ❤

3 thoughts on “August 2018 Energies

  1. I do not throw just any words around lightly😁, but,. Krishna, when i read these words pretty much every time, i truly feel the Real Connection as i read through your intuitive magazine posts.. almost as if iv already ready read them before. So theres that true element feeling of bringing that magic of Connection to form and acknowledgement before my eyes in a way. Although i never doubt it not there. But an extra twirl in belly, & reminder of the journey were blessed to enjoy while on route through the days of change on our beloved Gaia, Sofia😊!.. Thank You … & to Top this off.. 2:22 on the clock while a glance as im writing! Holy Sh**t.. might be a Deja Vu on route Now ta BOOT! NO bs here,. Ha! Twirls AllRound😄 i guess!! LoL’n XO’s❤ Thnx


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