3 Reasons why Rainy Days are the Best

Rainy days, we love! Listening to rain drops tap your window pane, love sitting next to a window and listening to rain and feeling all poetic. It’s the best, especially when you have an amazing book, inspired writing and a cup of hot tea. 

Three Reasons why Rainy Days are the best! 

1. Cooking and baking something especially comforting. Rainy days are a crockpot kind of day. Creating new vegetarian soups, chili, and other foods that nurture mind, body and soul. While we are wrapped up in a blanket watching how beautiful and warm the fireplace is, the kitchen has some soup going and cookies and other baked goods in the works. Creating a Rainy Days Recipe. 

2. Throwing a movie marathon, hot chocolate included. Combine Netflix with a cup of anything hot (tea, chocolate, coffee, Irish coffee, chai) and you have our perfect day. 

3. Feeling extra inspired. Rainy days are usually our best days for writing. We can spend all day writing anyway, so it’s not because we are trapped inside that makes us so productive. Rain must have a magical healing property to it that makes us more creative. It is cozy. 

To Rain,

K 🙂 

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