May the New Year Rock your Life 

A new year, a new start, may your 2017 be the best one filled with happiness, tremendous success, and true love. 

People across the world literally wait a whole year for this special day of new year eve celebration which marks the end of a year, welcoming the upcoming year and is one of the precious moments of everyone’s life. On this day of New Year’s Eve- New Year’s Day people bid farewell to 2016 & welcome 2017 new year by cutting cakes, singing, dancing, going for a long drive, lightning fireworks, playing games & partying the whole night.

There is a short history associated behind the celebration of New Years Eve which is quite interesting. The calendar that’s now in use throughout the world is Gregorian Calendar but 2000 years earlier there were many different types of calendars adopted by different countries which marked different dates as the New Year. The number of days in year were also comparatively different in different calendars (Roman Calendar, Julian Calendar). After a lot of efforts and remodeling, the entire world adopted the use of Gregorian Calendar which marked the January 1st as the New Year. Since then 1st of January is celebrated as Happy New Year worldwide.

The best Pranayam:

Exhale the Past without any regret 

Inhale the Future without much expectation 

Hold the Present with pleasure 

And then Enjoy 2017 

Happy New Year!! 

Kelly Krishna Dunn 

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