Super Powerful Equinox Gateway

Highest Consciousness is about how we behave, how we treat ourselves and others, how we view realities, how we show up, how we relate, how we communicate, how we “do” everything.

It is going deep inside that the Light of your own SOUL can emerge, so that all that is not kind, respectful and aligned with LOVE can become visible for everyone to see.

The beauty that is available to each individual is beyond, the ability to observe in order to consciously shift is as easy as you allow.

On a deep SOUL Level, inner Light inside of you is bursting to come forth. That beauty, magnificence, that amazingness and simplicity and ease…. will flood your entire body system as you allow yourself this.

The deeper you go inside of yourself, the more you allow to fall away, the more you resolve all AS LOVE, the simpler everything is… and the easier it is to fulfill your highest purposes/missions because all that is aligned to support you, is also allowed to come forth.

On a DEEP SOUL LEVEL, we each are re-connected through the Purity of LOVE. The only difference is whether our current realities are fully aligned or if there is something vibrationally that takes us down different paths. That connection though, is always there, for it transcends the physical everything. That connection can only be temporarily “severed” by our own ego/separation, yet on a deeper level, it never can. ♥ allow yourself to experience these gifts and the abundance available through a fully open heart/mind/body/energy and through unity love consciousness as it washes through you too. ♥

love, k