How To Host a Football Party

Big Game Bash-Super Simple, Super Fun, Party Plan. We have some great snack recipes, perfect party punch and decor ideas for Super Bowl Party Fun! Treat your friends to a football-theme menu of super snacks, appetizers, and drinks while you celebrate this wintertime game day tradition.



Open Seating through out the house is best, to create a comfortable game-viewing environment with comfy seats, matching team colors would be fabulous, and lots of chairs for your football fans who will be glued to the TV.

What Super Bowl Party would be complete without snacking? Keep guests satisfied by arranging your appetizer spread on the coffee table where it is easily accessible. Keep small snack plates and napkins out to make it simple for everyone watching the game.

Chips and guacamole make an excellent Super bowl appetizer snack. A spicy bowl of everyone’s favorite Mexican-inspired appetizer, along with other bar snacks such as marinated olives, popcorn, nuts, and jalapeno poppers.




Through out the game you can be passing around tiny pizza, mozzarella sticks, pot-stickers, chips and avocado salsa, artichoke spinach dip, nachos, quesadillas, stuffed jalapenos, and a hummus trio. Rather than ordering in a delivery offer guests homemade cut-bite sized cheese pizzettes. Individual plates allow guests to snack as they desire.


Get guests into the festive spirit with a kombucha bar and drinks to make station at the party. A large festive punch is a special option and set out a pitcher filled with a tasty mixture alongside with empty cold glasses with orange slices for garnish.




Decor goes a long way for Sunday Superbowl Party! Add a splash of your team’s color by draping garland anywhere in the house that needs color and brings out the team spirit.

While the big game and the commercials are likely to keep guests engaged throughout the party it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of handmade entertainment to your party. Give guests a way to rejoice by providing confetti perfectly themed for the big event and ready for moments anytime a touchdown is made.




Hope you have a  stylin’ Super Bowl party!!


Kelly Krishna Dunn 🙂





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