Kava Kava Ancient Root of Oceania 

Bula! The word is heard everywhere in Fiji. Bula originates from the Fijian culture and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. It means LIFE. 

A wonderful opportunity was presented to teach yoga at a resort in Sauvusavu Fiji, and living in Australia at the time I was on the next flight out which took just three hours to get to beautiful Fiji! 

In Fiji Kava is used as a symbol to bring two groups of people together. When visiting a new village it is essential to bring a gift of kava. The community then gathers and the kava is mixed. There are a lot of words, all in fijian and some clapping . The chiefs partake first and it is then offered all around in a communal bowl to drink. 

My inner anthropologist was buzzing when I was lucky to attend not one, but two kava ceremonies on this trip. When participating in the ceremony it is essential to dress conservatively and sit respectfully. If you are offered the kava it is important to drink the entire cup in one go. (Didn’t have a problem with that) Clap once before receiving the cup, drink up and then clap three more times. It was so much fun!! 

Once the ceremony is complete then everyone in the room is now friends and you can get on with the eating, drinking more Kava if you would like and dance the night away. 

Not only was my stay in Fiji extraordinary, Kava eased my mind while maintaining clarity. It’s used for relief from anxiety, stress and insomnia. The root of Kava is the Piper methysticum plant with Kavalactones that are the active chemical ingredients of the Kava root.

On the island of Fiji, drinking can be casual. Similar to how the Argentineans are constantly sipping mate, Kava is a near daily beverage for many Fijians. After work, relaxing in the afternoon, pretty much whenever, small groups of friends and family will share kava from a communal bowl. 

The benefits of Kava are many and while the scientific world is still at the experimental stage of research, the people of Oceania have traditionally used the plant as a social brew for thousands of years. Kava is referred to the “ancient root of Oceania”. 

Here are some of the benefits of Pacific Islander Kava Kava 

Stress relief 

Relaxation and psychological calm 

Euphoric effect 

Induces clear-headedness, bodily relaxation and the ridding of anxiety, depression, restlessness and treats adhd   

Kava is non-addictive and doesn’t impair cognitive ability

Clarity of thought processes 

Is a genuine alternative medicine

Therapeutic benefit for athletes as kava reduces muscle tightness

Anti-inflammatory agent that it is used as pain killer to treat headache, fever, chronic fatigue and migraines.

Cancer treatment and prevention 

Induces relaxation and sleep 

Great positive social value 

Kava emphasizes positive vibes and a wholesome human spirituality and universal oneness that draws people together on a soul to soul basis and has simply evolved into this era’s natural source of happiness-it’s picked up quite the wonderful reputation all over the globe 

It’s nice to turn to nature for a calm peace of mind. Well, now you know about one such natural alternative-Kava Kava!! 

Bula blessings of health and happiness. Regardless of where you live; you do not have to be in Fiji to celebrate LIFE. Enjoy how one simple word can transform your entire day. Bula blessings to you!  

To the island of Fiji,


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