Fun Memorial Day Vegan BBQ Ideas 

Happy Friday! We are SO ready for the long weekend! Ready to relax, sleep in, and of course eat yummy food and drink cool refreshments!! 

The first warm weather holiday, Memorial Day just isn’t Memorial Day without a delicious grilled meal served under the sun. And being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on all the cookout fun. If you are hosting or heading to a picnic or BBQ this weekend here is a tasty array of vegan Memorial Day recipe ideas including grilled vegan meals, scrumptious vegan sides and salads, yummy vegan desserts, and vegan drinks! 

What better way to enjoy a Memorial Day barbecue than with a fun and refreshing drink in hand? These party-friendly Memorial Day drinks will brighten up your holiday weekend. Bring on summer!

While both the temperature and the grills are heating up, cool off with a cucumber-infused drink to start. 

Guava juice 

Glasses of tropical fruit juices

Lemonade with mint 

Fresh cranberry juice cocktail ripe cranberries 

Traditional Lemonade and Iced Tea

Watermelon and Lime Juice 

Watermelon Lime Salad

This brightly flavored vegan idea features chunks of watermelon, citrusy lime, and thyme leaves. 

Vegetable Tostadas

Mexican-inspired vegetable salad piled on a crisply baked corn tortilla. 

May is all about the grill. And what goes with BBQ better than stuff on skewers? Lots of stuff on skewers. Grilled over the flame or broiled in the oven, these juicy kabobs sing with sweet spicy flavor. Skewers of fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ve compiled a delicious sampling of all the different things you can cook on a stick. Fire up the grill!

Vegetable kebabs with cous-cous 

Jalapeño kebabs 

Barbecued fruit kebabs

Fruit kebabs with chilli and vanilla ice cream for dessert 

Chocolate dipped fruit kebabs

Homemade yogurt ice pops with fresh fruit juice. Black berry, grapefruit and kiwi popsicles 

Have a wonderful three day weekend and remember to drive safe this Memorial Day Weekend. 

To a great party! 


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