5 Signs you’ve Met your Twin Flame 

Twin Flame energy can be quite powerful and you feel an overwhelming sense of love and attraction. This love is genuine and heartfelt and you feel magnetically drawn to their energy. 

How to Identify a Twin Flame by Signs and Similarities 

1. Sense of “recognition” when you meet the person. Somehow meant to be together. 

 2. You have a feeling that they are going to play a significant role in your own development, without knowing when, why or how.
3. You’ve established an immediate, intense connection with them that is invigorating and shocking at the same time.

4. You feel as though you’ve finally found a “home” or safe place with the other person.

5. You both embody the yin and yang, in other words, your dark side is balanced by their light side, and their dark side is balanced by your light side.

A Twin Flame is the other part of you! 
Twin Flame Blessings,