Kelsey Can

What does your journey call for? To be alive in this moment, in this time, is to be on the cusp of this energetic upgrade in the human experience. The appearance of the world around us may seem to reflect something other than an upgrade.

Today as I found my faith may be challenged and find it difficult to reconcile my spiritual beliefs after hearing a dear friend of mine who I grew up with in New York, Lisa, her daughter Kelsey passed away from AML Acute myeloid leukemia .

Cancer has touched so many of our lives, I’ve lost my mom, other family members, a dear friend, and now absolutely heart broken to hear the sad news about Kelsey.

We love you Lisa, Chris and family. The McNulty’s and the Berger family. We remember her for who she was; the most selfless and compassionate little girl, who had a radiant smile and a brave spirit that was loved by so many. She’ll be remembered for her bravery and strength, which was remarkable. She took everything cancer could throw at her and kept going while maintaining a positive perspective and an upbeat attitude every step of the way, because that’s who Kelsey Berger was.

Heaven received an angel yesterday 4/17/18

To read more about Kelsey Berger or in lieu of offering donations to the family, please note making a donation in Kelsey’s name to The Truth 365, Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation or St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Heaven received angel Kelsey. Rest in peace 4/17/18

love k ❤

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